Patients & Visitors

Medical Records

To obtain copies of your medical records, please call 1.888.749.7952. Requests are handled by HealthPort, a vendor for Medical Center of Lewisville.

In order to process your request for medical records in a timely manner, please include the following:

If the patient is unable to sign; provide Durable Power of Attorney with letter from physician stating the patient is mentally incompetent.

If the patient is competent but unable to come to the hospital, the patient can write a letter releasing the records to an individual. The patient’s signature will be verified by signature in patients chart.

If the patient is deceased; authorization must be signed by surviving spouse listed on death certificate in addition to the medical chart. If no surviving spouse, provide Executor of Estate documentation.

There is a charge for copies of medical records. Please ask our representative for specific information on related charges. All payments must be collected before the chart is copied. Should you need the records for continued care, we will be glad to fax them directly to the physician’s office at no charge to you.

Health Port